Error in input data from firebase

in the app data is input from firebase when list view selection is click and open there show tag value but also show on error notification ( selection list item : Attempt to get item number one a list of length 0 : ) how to solve ?

First things first is you have to make sure you are getting the correct value from Firebase.

in your Get.Value, make sure you show it in a label or a textbox

Then see what it provides and let us know.


here is data upload from admin app in firebase. i have app and aia link here plz download and check plz help.

What is the issue. Describe in detail and paste your blocks please

When you look in the firebase console, is the ADMIN app writing properly?

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here is all aia and apk link plz check this…

I am not looking at the AIA files until you provide clearer information of what your issue is.

when i open app and select list view after that here is dhow this error in the app

image is here

put the firebase into a label so you can see the result, and make sure it is actually a list.

yes i had put firebase data in to lable here is how fire base data but only show this error plz help this is aia file (9.4 KB)

paste what the label looks like .

sir i have not better knowledge about firebase data inpute in app.
if you download and check my aia after that you will know. if you don’t do close this topic thanks

Look up how to use labels.

When you make a firebbase get, then you put that value in a label so you see the results.

paste a copy of your blocks if you want.

Put a LABEL here and set it to VALUE so you see the VALUE that is being returned

i had do this but not working

help with this