Error in my app Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String

Hi when I try to use intersticial ad this text appeard, Can someone help me please?

Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.String’ on a null object reference

Welcome to community. Please read

Hi, i dont understand the answer. I see it, but I dont understand, i have this blocks.

Hi, I have updated to kodular premium. Please, I need a tutorial to uso admob advertising in my app. Thank you

First, don’t spam the topic with a question that has nothing to do with the original query. Create a new topic instead.

Second, there is no AdMob in Kodular Premium, although they may allow AdMob extensions.

Hi Deanart2012, answering your points:

First: the aim of this topic that I opened is, I cant create an app with admob. One week ago I could, but now I dont know how.

Second: as I don´t know how to show ads using kodular, I ask for a tutorial.

Third: I upgrade to premium to help the community of kodular.

And now, could you give an answer that helps me, please?

Thank you

You can’t create apps with AdMob components any more.

Once Premium goes live Kodular may allow AdMob extensions but we will have to wait and see.

ah, ok. I will wait for a tutorial to use those extensions.
Thank you

Be warned, there is no guarantee AdMob extensions will be allowed, it’s just that they will probably be allowed.

If they are allowed then I’m sure someone will create an up to date extension and provide some kind of tutorial or guide to use it.

In the meantime you can, as you have said, just sit tight and wait.

Is there any other solution to show advertisement from admob? I only have an account in admob…no in other plataform

Do you mean other app builders?

with kodular. I will like to know if there is any way to show advertiment in kodular. Only using another plataform as unity or so?

I want to say,please wait until 11 July. You can add & use admob extensions on your projects, Don’t warry, you can read the kodular premium announcement…

First set eCPM Floor on Designer part or this error come from your Kodular Companion old version, Update the app and checkout!

Hi Barno, thank you for your answer. Look.

I have an intersticial like this.

and blocks, like this

I dont receive error but i dont see advertisement tests.

Is there any posibility to show them? I do something wrong?

Thank you

How do you Testing? Companion or apk?

I use kodular companion in my android smartphone

You check the your installed Companion is up to date?

When are you calling the procedure?
Can you try calling procedure before monstrat-a…

version 1.5.6 fenix