Error in Title Bar Back Button & Title Bar Icon Selected

  1. Initially in Screen2 if enable “Show Title Bar Back Button”, the Title Back button click event is not working if I disable the “Show Options Menu” in screen2 And another things is that if I again do disable or enable the option menu, nothing is changing.

Any solution ?

  1. Finding a small mistake with block “Title Bar Icon Selected”. The result is showing the icon image url/txt, instead of icon name.
  1. bug is fixed for next release
  2. blocks
    It is no bug, since it should return the icon instead of the name as the event is named as “icon name”.
    Maybe a second return value for the event will be good to have in the future.
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As mentioned in the block images, after selected the result should be the Title Name =“Settings”, instead of “setting.png”.

That’s why I wrote maybe it would be good to add a second return value :smiley:

Okey, but what about the first query ? Any temporary solution?

All you can do is wait.