Error in when picking random item from list

Hey friends,
There is error in picking radom item from list block when I’m item picking it always get value that not in the list
Please help me

Show your blocks please.

What would you expect and what do you get? Give and example of the data you get from the database and what you expect to see in current_list.

Main list is users
Current list is current user

Again. What is in your database, what do you expect and what is returned. An example of your data.

I have my app users name list as tags
And their profile pictures as imageurl

I wang to get random user from my list

Don’t get my project name it is not the this project​:joy:

Make sure your global mail list is not empty before picking random ore.

No that is not empty

I stop asking for sample data from your database. If anyone is willing to help you you should provide him/her with the info asked for.

Ok can you help

Instead of picking in procedure why don’t you pick random item while you get the taglist itself. I mean you are catching the item in global main list na there itself you use pick random item from the get value.

Ok i will try

No it is not working

Post a screenshot of your firebase structure

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then your firebase may have empty tag list

No I found error and resolved it thanks for your help

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please provide a screenshot of the working solution, so others can learn
thank you


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