Error in width and height fields

There is an error in the Portuguese language of Brazil.

In the width and height fields

It does not accept writing PX. In the case as an example 70px.

Try changing the language of creator to English and try again :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Changing the language to English, for sure. That’s why I’m reporting as a bug.

Well, that’s the point of the whole thing, to be able to work in his own language don’t you think?

Guess what…
How do I get the idea of change the language and it works?!
Because this topic is already discussed and admin said it would be fixed on next update… somewhere in the community…
For now changing the creator language would be instant solution to this problem…

Just type number without adding any word, for example when you type “60”, it will set to 60 pixels.

Then why didn’t you link to the thread where this bug was already reported?

Sorry @Italo
Perhaps I’ve got hint from here
There is an error while changing the Image Sprite's size in other languages

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