"Error: Link has timed out" when downloading APK

Hi! I’m trying to download my APK to my Phone but when I scan the QR code, the page that it brings me to just says “Error: Link has timed out” and it will not let me download the APK. The app only has 1 screen and a 512x512 icon, no other assets. Is this a problem with the link or something?

You Must have Downloaded the APK from The Link Beyond 2 hrs

Which Means It should have showed Link Has Timed out


The link / QR code has a 2 hour time limit to download the apk from the time it generated the QR code.

If you try to download it within two hours, then it shouldn’t say link times out.

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Thanks for the reply,

I’m scanning the QR 1 or 2 minutes after the build is finished, so i’m not sure why it times out after a minute.

Can You show me Some Video Or Screenshot of that

Don’t redirect URL direct to the browser from the QR Scanner Applications.
Just Copy the url, go to browser, add new tab and then paste and go to the link. This should work.

Elseif it’s not downloading either then i suggest you to paste url in Via Browser. Its only 500KB browser application.