Error loading data from airtable

In this blocks I’m loading data from airtable to show them in listview. They are working fine. But I’m having trouble in the below screen. Data isn’t loading properly from database and I’m facing run time error.


First change global index to get selection index. Then use Do it to debug your blocks and see what start value gets

i don’t know about that. do you like to have a look at my aia?

Post it here or pm me your aia

HSCNOTES.aia (463.0 KB)
here is the aia. I want to show the propic, author name, college name, pdf file and pdf download link on the view page

Try this

HSCNOTES_3.aia (463.3 KB)

it’s working so perfectly. Now if you help me with these 3 things, my app will be fully complete.

as you can see there are two buttons on the view screen.The first button will be using to view the pdf note in a full screen, probably i will use another screen to show it in full screen. and the second button will be a download button. like, if someone click it , the pdf note will be start downloading.

and the third thing is search option. i have designed the search bar but i don’t have any knowledge how to make it functional.

please help me to complete my app

Ok, i have figured out the pdf full screen view in a new screen. but need your help with download ans search option

Please do not go #off-topic. If problem solved for specific topic mark solution. Also below post will help you create custom search bar and if you have any problems then create a new topic

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In order to help others the problem was that while passing start value from another screen user tried to select items not from start value list but from empty global lists. Solution was to replace global list with start value list

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