Error message when i want to save as, a project

i can’t save as (with a new name) a good project. there s a message telling me: impossible to save your project … please, try later. …and this since a want to load projects i get on servers about many months. I add that i can t load too aia projects (wich are good too) on kodular.
Is there a bug on kodular servers…a way to correct this ?

i try firefox, chrome, edge, and same

So, to resume:
i can load project from server
I can only save on server if same name
I can t save on server if control point or save aq with a other name
I can t import a good aia file from my computer
I can export the one wich in on server on my computer as aia file.
I can export as apk file wich works good

thank you

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Unfortunately, the server has limitations on how big projects can be and this indicates just as much…

P.S. is this related to your previous post/app with +20000 blocks

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No, it s an other other problem. I have deleted a lot of projects and place, there is now.

I wonder something…how does it work ?..when i want to import an aia file, does it go first on kodular server, after loaded by firefox on my comp, or directly on firefox ?

The thing wich is strange is that i can open, save new projects, but with olders , on my comp or on kodular server…it does not work