Error Numbers List

Where can I get the list with the number of errors, to use in the block “When Screen1.Error Ocurred”, as in the example below?

when error ocurred

U can find it here


Thanks a lot. Now I can try to fix my problem.

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you are welcome
please,set topic to solution

Unfortunately, you cannot solve the problem, because the error presented is not on the list.

The interesting thing is that the error only happens from time to time. Often the app works perfectly, but sometimes it has the following error.

I’m trying to figure out where the error is by deleting some sets of blocks and putting the app to work (of course without the temporarily deleted functions).

But as the error does not always happen, it is necessary to test many times until believe that the error is in a certain place …

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I think you are using loop block there you are getting problem.
If not you might have called multiple airtable sheet into variable and used the variable in the screen initialise block it self.
Post your complete block to solve your error

I don’t use airtable.

There is no way to post all the blocks. This screen has more than 8000 blocks.

But I already have an idea of ​​how to find out where the problem is.

Thank you for the tips

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Just for information, I inform you that the problem has been fixed.

I don’t know exactly where the fault was, but I detected the routine where the problem was, and I changed the way to calculate some variables. As a result, the error report stopped occurring.

Many thanks to everyone who collaborated, especially @Still-learning who gave the tip about the possibility of a loop failure, which was really confirmed.