Error occuring when compiling

I came to a problem when compiling… Here are details

Compilation was done without invalid blocks or warnings.

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Can you please show us your block

Here it is (its pretty big)

You can try these:

  • Disable splash
  • Using another icon or resize icon
  • Check assets and do not use same assets
  • Try with another screen instead of screen1
  • Reload creator
  • Download aia and re upload it and try again
  • Try after few hours

see here this block is empty and please upload the image of blocks clearly we can’t see blocks clearly even after zooming.

It can be empty
I did this method on my older projects and it works

i dont know if it can be or not. i thought that it might help.

Thanks for the suggestion btw

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It does not matters whether a block is empty or not.
If you will compile an empty app it will not show any error.
An empty block gives runtime error not else.

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How many screen in your app.

Or did you recently delete any extension from your project.

1 screen at the moment

Nope, I do not have any extensions at the moment

check all the variables and also see are using them correctly. i mean if there is an empty variable used in a block.

Also do you see any error while using you app in companion ?

Disable all blocks and try to export apk if the problem is in your blocks than its successfully export. And if still its not exporting than may be its another issue.

If your error gone after disable all blocks than its conferm issue in your blocks.

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Will try that

Problem solved… It was a problem on their side as I was able to compile this morning with the same code

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