Error occurred while Firebase data changed

When I use list from csv row like this

then this error occurs

and when i use split text at like this

then this error occurs

is there any solution?? Please discuss

Is your firebase tag a number?

On this picture you’re settings firebase tag to global name3 variable and after that adding 1 to global name3 variable. Is that variable number? Try validating data before using it with math blocks…

i used this for testing but before that i did not use global name variable 3



Screenshot (168)

As I can see in this picture that the variable name3 has “123-88” as value.

yes …that’s the problem
first variable name3 has “123-88” as value then after some milisec or sec it value changes to the required tag number

this is the project bucket name
I have also uploaded a picture of a different project bucket containing some tags as number