Error on reaching community through telegram group

I’ve got something like this several times while reaching community from telegram group


Anyone of you?

Maybe it’s because you are trying to access the community through wrong URL.


I just clicked on here button [link] on kodular group on telegram

It seems like someone is intercepting your requests
With the screenshots you provided, it seems like the domain is not being handled properly in your network, which is very likely to be a cause of a “man in the middle”


It works fine now :metal:

This is known as “Man in the middle” Hacking attack

Always follow these points to prevent it

:black_circle:Make sure that the websites you visit have HTTPS in front of the URL
:black_circle:Before clicking on emails, check the sender of the email
:black_circle:If you’re a website admin, you should implement HSTS
:black_circle:DO NOT make a purchase or send sensitive data on a public Wi-Fi network.
:black_circle:Make sure your website doesn’t have any mixed content
:black_circle:If your website is using SSL, make sure you have disabled insecure SSL/TLS protocols. You should only have enabled TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
:black_circle:Don’t click on malicious links or emails
:black_circle:Do not download pirated content
:black_circle:Secure your home/work network
:black_circle:Have proper security tools installed on your systems

Thank you :hugs::hugs::hugs:

I think you should implement it! @Diego

If this is man in the middle check out your network and see users and analyse them or probably it is the fault of your network provider, probably the network provider may be acting as a man in the middle if because your network provider cannot efficiently analyse the client requests and modifies it accordingly

It is not needed…
When using HTTPS, if someone alters an already accessed page, you will get a Not Secure Warning

What HSTS does is just disable the “Access this page anyway”, so you can’t access it
But it doesn’t prevent from intercepting requests…