Error replace text

hello friends i need your help

when I am going to edit an error appears like the picture, is there still a problem, please help I include my block code, thank you

How do you set global baris / index ? The error message is clear, your list’s lenght is 2 and you are trying to replace index 3 that doesn’t exist

can you give advice so that this error does not occur I am also confused because there are often many revisions to the global index and rows

Check your global variable values. Because based on your error it is clears that you are trying to replace the third item of a list but actually in that list there only two items…

As I said how do you set that variable ?

can you help me find it i have sent the aia file for you to see
MediaSkripsi_2_edit_tgl_04feb2022aa (1).aia (2.9 MB)

Try this

MediaSkripsi_2_edit_tgl1.aia (2.9 MB)

thank you dora sorry i’m late to see