Error: Take photo and upload it to Driver (boolean

I want to create an app to take pictures and upload them to Drive automatically.
but i got error at take pictures: “boolean$CompressFormat, int, on null object reference” .

And when I upload that image (button upload click) the image uploaded to Drive has an error.

Please help me!

TakeUpimage.aia (54.8 KB)

Thank you!

That extension(image compressor) is not for with 1.5.2 … please wait

I consulted on other articles, but still don’t understand the problem

I have edited: “ Set imageBase2 ”, but it still doesn’t work, it just stops giving an error, and the uploaded image is still not displayed.

The image I uploaded is 4Mb, but the image cannot be displayed.

Until now. I still can’t solve this problem. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this problem.