Error "The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments:" while using Dynamic Components Extension


I wanted to receive from Google sheet, list, select & send to another screen is working with ListView Extension. When used DynamicComponents Extension, the view, display in label in next screen working, but I am not able to place data in the text area. It shows an error message The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments and dissplay the data i selected.

Please Help

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First take a variable and set it to empty lits…
Now, firsrt save your start value text in this variable then put that variable in start value input…


Is it not possible to send in the same way as we send using list view extension.

If I understand your point right, I have

Initialise “Variable” to Create Empty List
Set "Variable " to Call Dynamic Components.get id
then open another scree with value “variable”

Am i right?

Actually I don’t really understand what you mean…
What you want to try pass by dynamic componenets to other screen?

I have list of data in googlesheet.
i use google script to pull the data.
When receive data, i put it in list view.
From the Lists of data i want to select one.
THe selected data should be send to next screen and in the next screen, i want to display the same in text box for editing and then updating it to google sheet.
Using list view i am able to do it.

But when I use dynamic component i am getting this error.

I tried the way you suggested, still the error. pls see screen shot.

Pls Help

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In list view you passing the selection text to other screen…
But here you are passing component id to other screen…

First get that label text by id then set it to as start value if u want to try pass an text of any dynamic label

Really sorry to trouble you.

I did not understand how to do it.

Can you pls explain a little in depth. Sorry I am beginner and hence this trouble for you.

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Yes why not…

Can you show your designer screen?


Pls find the same. THanks and awaitng your REply

Designer screen… Where these cards lebals appearing…

In other screen you set blocks to select list item… Where is that list?


In detail screen your are using select list items from list…
Where is that data?
Eng id
Request etc which are u adding to text box?

Did you mean this one?

Here in last detailed screen…

Did not Understand

I am asking you what u want to pass by start value from dynamic componens?


There is a Google sheet that has a lot of rows. I am loading the rows in dynamic list. on selection of one of the list, all the data has to be passed. eg are
Header - id, name, email, phone, age, Requirement, Date1, Remark1.

IN the Dynamic List i display ID, Name and when i select, i pass all data of the selected list with all data from the Row. When I list in the Details screen, I display all the details and then in the details screen i will add the date and remark and send back to google sheet.

I hope i have answered your question

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