Error The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments

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Your error says, your index is not a number instead you have added game2… try to use segment block or replace block…

Use if else if condition instead of 3 if then and check the Cardgame condition before Card.

Like this

You should check your CardView.Click block closely once.
The error is occurring because the clicked card’s id is Cardgame2. This id contains Card and Cardgame both so both condition is invokable but the Card condition invoked before Cardgame as it is placed first. That’s why it only replaces the Card from the id and instead of index you get game2 that is an invalid index and the error occurs. In above blocks, Cardgame condition is placed first so the Cardgame could be replaced from the id and other two condition would not invoke as it is in else if.

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I tried your way and the error still occurs

You won’t need to change id on schema. Your block seems right but as I said check the cardgame condition before condition.

And even if I don’t set the click condition on the id “cardgame” it still shows the above error

Seeing your blocks I believe the easiest way is

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It would be easier to add a temporary label and when any cardview click set text to get component id. That way you will know exactly what you get when you press a cardview and modify your code according to your needs. Use Do it to debug your blocks

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Yes, this is the best way to detect actually what are you getting upon clicking the three cardview. There by you can adjust the further blocks. Simple. Also if possible try to use individual if then block instead of using elseif

I hope this will be your issue. Since both have common word card, but both will give the number only.(it will trigger card only always even though the clicked card view contain card game) So it won’t be the problem. After getting index make sure it is exactly picking the correct item from the list … use label to confirm then use open another screen block

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thanks everyone

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