Error! the variable not in current context

Hey Koders,

here i got a Very Rare and Confusing Error with Response content blocks

the variable $responseContent is not boud in the current context


if anyone can help please!!


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It appears when you click “do it” on a variable, that not exits at any time, for example, a “responseContent” from the Web1.GotResponse, with companion. Don’t “do it” them, you’ll get the same error every time.


Then what’s causing this error:

Its a very different error. That error is maybe by an extension, i have seen it for example with cardwiev from @Ben.

Maybe then @Kus_Zab help with this error as I m using grid CardView Extension

Then don’t use that, Makeroid has a Cardwiev built-in.

i think you had not checked Grid Cardview Extension . It’s not just makeing card bro.