Error: This is a duplicate event handler for this event

I want that when screen 1 intializise that the clock will be enabled, but it says This is a duplicate event handler for this event.

In block section search for errors, click on arrows

But how can I fix this ?

Delete duplicate block and leave only one instance

I have only one block

Something is duplicate , please post your blocks

Is there any count in the show warning?

yes there is

Then first correct it , there by it shows zero in warning

It will be great if you post the images of your blocks. In the blocks window, right-click>Download blocks as image.

Here is the Screenshot

Right click on on empty space and click clean up blocks
and then delete the duplicate block


Press arrow above red error. Does it lead you anywhere ?


thanks ! Your Solution worked !!!
I have cleaned up everything and after that it worked.

No Problem !

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