Error "undefined" when adding html code to a list view and image

When I add html code to a list view and image it throws me an “undefined” message, when I remove the html code from the blocks it no longer shows me the said error. Can anyone explain to me what’s happening? and how can I solve it other than removing the html code. Beforehand thank you very much.


Enable html code for the subtitle
add this block

I enabled it in the configurations of the list, do I enable it again?

you can enable in blocks sec only. In designer mode there is no such option. Pls add the block and try

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@Still-learning this is not accurate. You can enable it in designer view from List_View_Image_and_Text advanced properties

oh, how did i forget it. I am really sorry for that… @dora_paz @ElMaxicero4
Feel so sleepy. Already running clock 3 AM

The error still persists, what can I do?

but i tried working perfectly… for me

As I look at the logs, maybe so I can see what generates the error.

show your error pls

I changed the color to #b4079b, still working no issue

It shows me what I want to achieve with the html, but it shows me this error. I repeat it works but it shows me this error:


It also shows me this as if you wanted to say a message but it is empty.


Are you getting value from the firebase? Did you check with an label?

Working fine with other value too
Screenshot_6 Screenshot_5

if I’m getting the value with firebase, what do you mean by checking the tag? that I know all the data is coming. well at least it does not give me an error about it.

actual error must be RUNTIME error but you are getting Execution error. Thats y i asked whether you are geting values… and nothing else

I did not understand your question hehe

Forget to ask you…

Are you getting this error with companion?
If so, then the problem is, kodular updated ydy, update the mobile app and try… Simple

ok, I will also try testing the apk