Error when apk Exported

i Have developed an app and its working fine while live testing but when exported it to apk fine then showing this runtime error.
& its not not show one time but their are multiple with same error and are overlaid each other.
new same error overlayed after some seconds

Please Help

We can only always say the same:
Show us your blocks else we can’t help.

It looks for me that you use a view flipper or side menu block.
But the layout that you want to use in set to invisible.

No i m not using any of them & Block Image
is here but very small may be

But you use the create custom dialog^^
Make sure you have the layout made VISIBLE.
It will be made invisible by default^^

So it must be visible on start else it will not work.


i have made it visible after my splash image gone & its coming after every 4-5 seconds not one time

Maybe the problem is you try to use the same layout for two custom dialogs.
Delete one of them.

Btw. It does not make sense to use always a custom dialog.
Why not use a default like always? A custom is not needed for all things.

its the same dialogue and i wanna to show banner in the notifier so i m using it

Thanks for your support! error Removed!

but not the error is on screen backpress its saying :point_down:

requestFeature() must be called before adding content

On companion or apk?
Try to catch which blocks make the issue then I can look into it^^

its only on apk file

here my new updated blocks :point_down:

on screen back press its only the notifier of custom dialogue

Please show me the backpress block

its in my updated blocks in upper post

One other thing… How should that work?

You try to show something before loading it?
Doesn’t make sense to me :smiley: :smiley:

its already loaded in screen initialize i have here loaded it again after its shown to be ready for next time

anyways i will add a timer for it

Please learn the basics!

Only this works in the correct way:

Work with the events. Because what will happen if the ad was not loaded?
You will never know it without working with events.

i know this :sweat_smile::joy:

So if you know it… Then why don’t you do it like this?
Doesn’t make sense to me.

I can not help if my words are running into a wall.

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Sorry if i had done any mistake !!:sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:

I only want to help you.
But if you know something and then don’t use it it does not make sense to me.
This is one reason why then users say to us: “bug in admob… bug in that… bug in that…”
But the real problem was the wrong usage.