Error when changing text box value, can't figure out what's wrong

I have a project which I am going to use to quickly calculate how much money will go into my spendings account and how much will go into savings. I’ve been messing around with these blocks for a few hours now and I just cannot seem to make the error go away.

It works by accepting an input from either a slider or a text box, then showing the values for each account. The slider works fine, however whenever I try to change the value of the text box it gives me an error and freezes up for a moment.

The operation expt cannot accept the arguments: , [[email protected]], [2] *Note:* You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I’ve attached a picture of the blocks and the designer page, any help would be greatly appreciated.

As marked in the image above, you have used wrong block. The block you have used will return component name instead of its text value. The same is indicated in the error.

So instead of the marked(wrong) block use this :point_down: block which will return the text you type in that text box

component_set_get (1)


The reason it freezes is not the wrong block above, but the block I crossed out. So remove this.
And of course change the block above, as @Vaibhav correctly pointed out.

Thank you guys so much!
Those were a couple of dumb mistakes lol, I should’ve noticed them