Error when exporting app

Since it works for me and others

Oh… :smiley: thanks.
If all works then all is good :slight_smile:

For me it works, do not know if it does for @Albert_Makai_Ngabo.

Your image white_bg.png is white…
nothing to see

did my screen1 properties…under background image you will see i did upload an image.
what i have is exactly how i got from a splash screen example off app inventor/thunkable.

Something went wrong see the image


reselecting the image seems to fix the issue


If he rename the image without spaces it should work.

ding! ding! ding!..ten points…


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When I loaded the project the background image name had spaces but the list doesn’t.


@vishwasadiga or anyone else, please take a look to this

It works after i took away spaces within my image name. even the icon error got solved too. thanks a million

That’s good and nice to hear :slight_smile: