Error when exporting app

Hi, when exporting my app, i get this error message:

Makeroid is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________Preparing application icon

Nothing more in log? Is there anything after the last line?

yes…just that

What file format is the icon? Make sure it’s a .png.

it is .png. also, my screen1 background is not updated after i upload a picture

Please show all your blocks.

which size do you use? width x height?
you might want to use a reasonable width x height, e.g. 96 x 96px…

Changed my image size to 96x96 and still say my .png image can not be used the application icon.

Hi. Solution is to check over your blocks and error warnings at the left bottom. If there are some errors fix them and try again. If this didnt help try to use deafult app icon(i think its called “none”).

I am only changing one of the screen1 properties. i need my app to have its own icon.

Just try to use default icon if i gets some errors try to switch your browser. If it helps then try to remake(C-paste your icon to paint and save it then try to use it for logo). Did you brought .aia file from appinventor ,thunkable etc…?

i get no error when using default icon and no i did not import .aia file from the other. let me work more on the app using the default and will get back to this later on

along with this app icon bug, please look into why nothing happen when changing screen1 background image property

What browser you using and what browser extensions?

It will be helpful if you post here your aia file or your blocks as screenshot.

i am using chrome…i am trying to get a splash screen to work

What color does your vertical arrrangement have?

white background

Then how do you think the image will appear if the screen image is behind the arregement with white background color…

same thing with background color selected to none