Error When I Compile My Apps

Kodular Is Down Today When I Compile My Apps They Don’t Work I Checked The Blocks And They Were All Right But After It Still Doesn’t Work

any error message while building?

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yes i will give a screenshot:

It seems to be, that you have duplicate events in your Home screen, you might want to check the errors and warnings panel to know the events causing theses errors.
P.S: I’ve changed your topic title accordingly.

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i have checked but the app doesn’t have any errors or warnings on all screens

Have you copied any of your screens?

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yes i have but the other screen i have deleted

Maybe, this is the reason?


Edit: Ok I will try
Edit 2:It Worked Thanks So Much!!!

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What about other screens? Would you mind giving your AIA ?
Edit: okay, thanks!

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It Worked I Have Marked You As The Solution!

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