Error when I open my project after some time

I import an extension KIO4_Explorer . After that I remove the extension.

But when I open my project after 12 hrs then the error comes and not able to go the Screen2.


So you deleted the extension and now when you try to go to screen2 in the designer it wont let you?

I suggest you try to add the extension again, then go to screen2, delete all the components that used it, and then delete it again.

Side note:

You need to open and close screens properly

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But I import extension on Screen2.
I cant go to Screen2

I already complete the project 95% but the error comes right now :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Meaning, import it on Screen1


Yes … Thanks a lot … I just import and remove 3 times then close my browser and then open the project and import then Screen2 open smoothly

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