Error when saving the project, 3 blocks are always kept with the same values and should change

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I have 7 “procedure” on the same screen,

There are 3 “call procedure” blocks that I delete or change and then save the project … but when I reload the page and re-enter the project, those 3 blocks are still there and in the same way, those 3 same blocks are always the ones that they are not saved as the other changes are saved correctly.
In the image you can see “call procedure 7”, I tried to change to “call procedure 2” and also delete it but “call procedure 7” always appears again.

This is your project, your AIA, so you only know , whether everything is alright or not. So slowly check up your blocks or disable it and see. Also make sure from your side that whenever you delete or add blocks project will be auto saved unless if you have good data connection

I fixed it by changing the name of the failed procedures, instead of procedure2 call it procedure22, but I would like to know why it did not work before