Error when sending.... Dynamic Button

when clicking the button
he sends the same amount twice


Can someone help me

If it sends twice it is because global data has 2 items
check your content.
use length to list to know your quantity

Did not work
When I select one by id
it sends everyone on the list,

the one I selected plus the others

And what result do you expect, if that is exactly what you are indicating to do.
Check your blocks and that a logic according to your need

it would just be to send what I’m selecting
the others on the list wouldn’t do anything

can help

just take the procedure out of the loop

use only


thank you very much

Is there any way you can clear my doubts?

I have a list

When I send it to spreeshet it has glitches and missing files, always with errors

What can it be?

I don’t know the errors, since you don’t detail them. just like Global Data content


the method is the same

but how to solve this problem and shipping

everything I have inside tynidb is placed in a list item

If I have 8 files to send, it will only send 2 or 3 and nothing else.