Error when starting live testing using "connect via usb"

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When starting live testing wih usb it show internl error occured. shows that the phone is connected .

Steps to reproduce the issue

Start a test connecting via usb

Expected Behaviour

All good

Actual Behaviour

Showng a error

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Android version


may be any server issue is there. Try it again but fir clear cache of your browser & make sure your kodular companion is up to date…

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i have tried and also have the latest version but :frowning:

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Try on Google Chrome

I have the same problem myself and I use Chrome. Android version 9

Are you able to show/interact with your app without live testing, if not then your app is corrupted


Yes in apk formate after installing the app run and don’t give any problem

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the problem also presents itself with a new project

I am facing the same problem too. "Internal problem etc… " and the phone connected shows a blank unresponsive screen.

  1. Make sure adb/usb drivers of your Phone is properly installed.
  2. Download platform-tools_r29.0.5-windows Download link: SDK Platform Tools release notes  |  Android Developers
  3. Follow the instruction in locating SDK Platform-Tools for Windows
    Depending on which version of Windows you’re using, these steps may be slightly different. To add ADB to your PATH variable, follow these steps:
  4. Open the Start menu and search for “advanced system settings.”
  5. Click “View advanced system settings.”
  6. Click the box that says “Environment Variables.”
  7. Under “System variables” click on the variable named “Path”.
  8. Click “Edit…”
  9. (Windows 7,8): Add ;[FOLDERNAME] to the end of the “Variable value” box, replacing [FOLDERNAME] with the folder path where you extracted Platform Tools. Be sure to include the semicolon at the beginning so Windows knows you’re adding a new folder.
  10. (Windows 10): Click “New” and paste the folder path where you extracted the Platform Tools. Hit Enter and click OK.
    Link: YouTube

You can also try this version once done?