Error when starting live testing using "connect via usb"

Describe your issue

When starting live testing wih usb it show internl error occured. shows that the phone is connected .

Steps to reproduce the issue

Start a test connecting via usb

Expected Behaviour

All good

Actual Behaviour

Showng a error

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Android version


may be any server issue is there. Try it again but fir clear cache of your browser & make sure your kodular companion is up to date…

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i have tried and also have the latest version but :frowning:

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Try on Google Chrome

I have the same problem myself and I use Chrome. Android version 9

Are you able to show/interact with your app without live testing, if not then your app is corrupted


Yes in apk formate after installing the app run and don’t give any problem

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the problem also presents itself with a new project