Error when trying to change the color of a component

Sempre que tento mudar a cor de um componente esta dando um erro e não consigo mudar. Alguém que já tenha passado por esse problema para me ajudar?

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Whenever I try to change the color of a component, it gives an error and I can’t change it. Can anyone who has had this problem help me?

Welcome to community. Official language is English so please follow community’s rules. Also next time please use search :mag:

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Thanks a lot for the help. Saved me! Sorry for not writing the question in English.

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So if your problem is solved, don’t forget solution :white_check_mark: so others can learn from it too :slight_smile:

You must be joking. No one cares about searching the forum, that’s why there are so many topics about this on a daily basis. These topics are now second only to topics about ads.


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