Error when trying to download video from firebase

Hello, could you help me to solve this problem? when trying to download a video uploaded to firebase I am unable to download a video from the cloud. Firebase data is correct

blocks (17)

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Blocks are wrong…

which are wrong? I just did a test and discovered that the problem is in the positions since it gives me the inverted position to the real one

Is your url available in tags…
Because I know that we can’t make firebase tags using url…

no, the url is in the value

Ok… Can you please show the firebase structure

the problem is that the position that the swipe video player gives me, is the opposite number to how it is saved in the database, in firebase the first uploaded video is number one and the second uploaded video is 2, but in the swipevideoplayer extension the last video uploaded equals the last number in the database, then the videos are downloaded in reverse

the download error is solved the issue is how to make the videos not download in reverse

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I never used swipe video player so no idea… Sorry…
Yes but to reverse the list you can use list add on extension

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What is that extension?

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thanks !!!

Here is the link…


Thanks friend!! The only problem I solved was that the previous one was downloaded but I fixed it by adding 1 to the value! I am eager to finish my project and share it with everyone

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