Error while creating material design

I got only half text of level while creating material design.This is the screenshot.

Here is my block . IMG_20201003_164400_636 blocks if anyone is working on material design then help me please.

Please view your card view’s height.

You Copied/Followed the/my Guide Wrong.

Card View 2 or say two Card Views are there for a Reason.

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I have seen a video by pixel editor on youtube then i copied the same design. Is it copyrighted?

Can you link that Copy Cat Youtuber.
it’s my Guide.

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I tried increasing the but it didn’t work

I copied from this video .

That’s Very Bad.
You Copied Things Wrong / Skipped Some Things.
Moreover you are Teaching Wrong.

Remember -

Now you are Busted.

I didn’t understand , what you are saying . I am new in kodular

i Posted my Guide Link above use the .aia available there.

Is it free ?

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Why it should be Paid.

i just reported the video

That is your creation , so i asked

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Thank you @ADDYLIN it worked

Solution -
Follow Guides not YouTube -

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That’s the reason I don’t share AIA

But now it’s viral.
No use of removing it.

Will remember this. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, no need.
it’s fine if a Koder / my friend used it.
Guide is ment to share knowledge, it’s people choice that they view guides or go youtubing.

if a random youtuber copies it then i am :rage: