Error while deleting ListView item

I have a ListView2 to which products are launched in offers. When I select an item in this ListView2 to delete, it is deleting my entire database in Firebase. It would only delete the selected item. Could someone analyze my blocks and show me where the error is?oferta0 Oferta1 Oferta2


In firebase got value block you have used ’ global tag ’ to store list and in notifier after choosing you have used ’ global tag2 ’ to store list.

it was here, with the other, because I had put a variable fit


Hi @amigolojista,

In lista2 procedure at (for each item in list),
The (Item) will be single element. Not list.

You used (Select list item) block. And this block specially for handling with lists.


Hi @amigolojista
I think what do you want to do with firebase is only possible through either mysql or airtable.
And @Moayad is right.That is your solution.
As value got from firebase is list with one elements so you can not split it or use select list item block.
But you can do it by making a list inside a list.

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