Error while export apk/abb

this error is appearing while export apk/abb


Free or premium plan ?

free plan.

How many extensions ? Assets size ?

5 extentions = appoxi 2mb of assests

Download aia and check for abnormalities or if you wish pm you aia to give it a look

how can i check abnormilities?

my aia size is 3MB surprisely


Open aia with 7zip, go to assets->external comps for example see if extensions are really 5 or other examples can be found in App keeps stopping after importing new screen - #12 by Boban

its using 3.63MB assets total

Can not help more without seeing the aia

check inbox pls

I removed all extensions even the whole screen now only screen1 is left. still it shows the error

Another case of project within a project

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