Error while EXPORT project

Since the last update I can not export my project here is what it shows:


And you have no warnings in the blocks editor?

There are no warnings on any page

Do you mean your app was working before the last update?

I don’t know if this will help you, but if you answer these, maybe we can find your issue.

  • Are you using any extensions?
  • Did you tried re-importing project?
  • Can you show us your all asset names? Maybe your project has problems with asset names.
  • How many screens are you using?
  • Did you tried with companion?
  • Do you have unused blocks or something? If yes, delete them and try again.

I have 7 screens, I tried to re-import the application (aia) and it did not work, working with Live Test, I have no blocks that are not in use, and here are the extensions I use:

Why you don’t use built-in components instead of extensions?

Showcase, ChatView, Dialogs, DeviceInfo, Image Editor etc.: There are already built-in components for that.

Because built-in components are stable (except Experimental components) and supports future releases.

I’ve used them before they were in Kodular

Ok then, what is your screen names? Maybe you have a problem with screen names.

Here are the project names:
(I did not add any screen before the problem)

Is the dialog extension, you are using, developed by Vishwas (AKA Helios)?
If yes, then try removing it.

I removed the extension, it still does not work

This might helpful :point_down:

That did not solve the problem … thanks anyway

Then I think there’s nothing anyone can do because as the error message says, the error is not in your program, it’s in the Activities/DX stage.

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