Error while opening pdf from storage

When i try to open a pdf file in the pdf viewer of phone it shows error “cannot open pdf”

but i can open the pdf file in inapppdfviewer of deephost
How can i fix this




Thanks in advance

@Rahan_Sarang Try using this blocks :point_down:

Check if it works !

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Not working

@Rahan_Sarang I found solution for this today :slight_smile:

Use such blocks :point_down:

Just Change path name & path location as per your need :sweat_smile:

It will work i have checked it with custom package also !!!


Not working
error 601

if you can send me that screen blocks it will be helpful to me to help you !

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Double action
Change to datatype = application/pdf

I think it is application/pdf :sweat_smile:

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:rofl: sorry typo

@Rahan_Sarang in your blocks above data uri it should be

blocks (13)

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my mistake :grin:

and thanks for you help @Anu10


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