Error while uploading file to cloudinary


(Harshita's Music Collection) #1

Error while uploading file to cloudinary.

Error occurs every time when tried to upload file after app starts.

It should show upload successful of uploaded file in lable2 and add url to my airtable.

It is uploading file to storage but later displays error. Tried available solution but didn’t worked.

this is error i got

(SkateIV Developer) #2

Even this error appears to me, a solution?



I think you should check if your file path is valid.
Because the error is done by a invalid file path.

(SkateIV Developer) #4

The path is an image chosen by the gallery and in the Cloudinary dashboard it is displayed correctly

(David Ningthoujam) #5

@Mika im also heaving the same. the uploaded image is showing in cloudinary website but the component keeps giving error. i can’t even get the url

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #6

I am also getting an error.In my case when i click the button to upload file it shows error 701.Can you help me?