Error with Makeroid Account - days visited section

Hey Makers!
As you know, to be a MakerChamp, there are a few requirements. You can see these when you are on TL3L2, in the makeroid Account’s “Community” page.

So the main thing is: (I think) I found a bug:
When I go to Makeroid account, and see the requirements, it says, I visited only 48 days. But you can see at my profile, I visited 50 days!!
And yeah, it was in the last 100 days.
What’s the problem, or just I misunderstood anything?

For help, here are screenshots

Makeroid Account:

Community Profile:

There’s no bug
The stats you have access in the community are in all time, whilst the ones used for TL3 are only in last 100 days

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