Estimated Statics - Before & After AdManager Performance

Yes you are right. thanks alot to share your idea & observations

In next few weeks, a lot of Admob users will shift to Ad Manager. I’m guessing if my observation redarding video ads(both in interstitial and rewarded ads) are true then more people will face this issue and may be then, we can get reply from Kodular Team.

eCPM - low ( $0.40 )
Impressions - high
Earnings - high

eCPM - very high ( $1.5 )
Impression - very low
Earnings - very low

Well, I’ve mentioned roughly 'cause I have the same user base for months and so the daily downloads. But, the revenue and impressions aren’t much even tho I added an extra banner ( which wasn’t before ).

Note : will try to include report screenshots if possible

Same here, yea

Can you tell the dates during or after such happened? So that it can help that our analysis is fine according to the time

I wish if google admanager works at the same eCPM rates as admob then our life will be scuessful.

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Technically, Practically it should.

i get rewaded ad eCPM = $0.13 And for some days it remains the same, then a little variation comes.

My rewarded ads epcm was around .36$, then decided to remove it.

mine is $0.03. :lying_face:

my post when i freshly started with GAM

while vishwas told us

We are almost paying 40-50$ dollar months( this month i paid 58 dollar in commissions) but still we can’t get response. We deserve answers.

And most of the time, users on this community sabotage our efforts.

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I didn’t get any answer, i get flagged.

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It looks like your post was just spam, there is no question in it to answer.

Okay deanart

58 Doller??:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

i hope @Diego & team is working to resolve the issue and guide us.

from last 2 Days eCPM & Ad impressions are extremely low. who else noticed this?