EVChargers - App for electric vehicle chargers

This version is for the Republic of Serbia :serbia: :

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EVChargers Serbia

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With EVChargers you can find all available electric vehicle chargers in the Republic of Serbia


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Please give suggestions on the UI.
Want to see your country? Comment to this post with your country flag and I can see if I can do it.

Thanks Kodular for this awesome platform! :kodular:

More details

Use this app to navigate to the nearest Electric Vehicle Chargers in the Republic of Serbia

We currently support:

Tesla, Type 2, Three Phase, CHAdeMO, CCS/SAE and Superchargers.

We offer both light and dark mode.


Nice work.


Please do test this app on your mobile device, so I can see if there are any sizing issues.

In my phone the ad pops up at random and without clicking anywhere it disappears. Is this how you wanted to be?

Thanks for your response. This does look weird, honestly. This bug actually comes in my mind as an idea. Would this be allowed to show an ad for a few seconds, I’m not an expert in this category.

“it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”

I don’t know either.

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Update 1.0.1:

-bug fix

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