Even when i used this block why i got this error?

Why i got this error when i set the length of global actorsimage = lenght of tinydb actors value ?
Until i got value of global variable i used notifier to show no internet,

# If there is no internet connection it works ,
# If there is internet connection and when i got values of global actorsimage it works,
# It doesn’t work in the small gap between when i connected to internet and until i got value of global actors list


How about giving us an image with doit result where you select list


Edited: Returning the value 3 in “value if Tag not there” doesn’t make the list to have 3 elements. It’s just the value you are sending as a fallback if the list is not there.


I already slept siir , but when I tried to show the length both shows 74

Yes siir in that case both are not equal and it should show no net notifier


should be a create empty list block


Hey @hamroguides % @himalayanxtiger this is the second time I’m asking you to make post title more clear to the post…
By the way I have tried storing list on tinyDb and it didn’t work.so I’ve used another way, I’m little bit busy to post it here today but I’ll do it soon

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That’s what I meant in my previous comment, but I didn’t explain it well :sweat_smile:
If you want to produce a 3 when the list is not there, you should create a list with 3 elements, so the “length of list” block will return 3.

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I did same as this siir but still got same error

Length of list on an empty list = 0
I understand you wanted a 3?

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No sirr i dont want 3,
I used simple logic if both length aren’t equal it should goto else condition,
For example If length of variable is 74 is not equal to 3

The list is saved in tinydb like this

you are already using if network is connected then why you need to compare them?

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For example when user open app with no internet connected it loads datas with the help of cache & tinydb but they cant view because it makes app crashed and after when they connect to internet until i got the global values it cant be viewed because the list of global variable of actors is empty and i got this error and i am trying to hide the error anyhow thats why i am trying siir.

i think error is not in that block, error is some where else, try using without that block and check if error still there ?

I already tried without that block at first but didn’t works ,

And siir i found temporary solution with clock component with 3 second timmer

can you send me your aia in Pm to take a look on it?

ok sirr wait i will send