Every user must see only specific data through colintree list view

i have created separate tags for every user and separate data for every one but now i want to get the tags and also their data and add them to colintree list view. can any please help me with that. i would be really grateful.
Example of data:
i just want to show the users driver’s tags and the number and not the others data.
for example this is a user Nhdvugiknoch886akjhucaca so i want to show this user only his driver details via colintree list view can anyone please help?

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For that you have to set special project bucket for every single user… & in that bucket there must the user name his driver name & other details.

Can you please show me an example with blocks

That is not quite true, just as long as there is a separate folder for each user the blocks can call back just for that folder, you do not need a “special project bucket”, just one:

“project bucket : user1:data”
“project bucket: user2: data”

in blocks, GET: join:user1/data for user1, join:user2/data for user2

There will be like 100s of users then how I’ll it work?

Something like this:

Let us assume you will have a secure login user/pass system also setup for this (to stop people just typing random user names…

You didn’t understand what i wanted this to anyone can do. I wante to get the data according to their unique identification Nhdvugiknoch886akjhucaca, see the imane above, then only this personsa driver name and contact number i want to show in colintree list view.

But listview is use to show list. only specific data.
I dont think so it’s possible @kishore

see the picture above there are 2 user right now but later on i will be having more users so every one will be having their unique identification number while registering for example Nhdvugiknoch886akjhucaca. now user this are are diver names and their numbers and now i want to show them only their driver names they will be adding not the others driver name but also i want to show their colintree list view so now can you help?

You need to plan out your workflow and logic. Sounds like you need a user interface and an admin interface. You can do this in one app or have two…

can you help me out with the blocks?

I asked help from you not this