Evolution of the Barcode Scanner component

Hello everyone, I think there are many places where Barcode Scanner component can be enhanced.

  1. When scanning, it can also be in window mode.(image)
  2. Enhance the speed and sensitivity of scanning.
  3. Straight screens can also scan 1D barcodes.
  4. When scanning, you can turn on the flashlight.

If the above features can be implemented in the future, I believe everyone will like it, and Makeroid will be more powerful.:star_struck:

I thought you can already turn the flash on with volume up or down keys.


I have tried, the flashlight cannot be turned on when scanning the state.
Once turned on, it will also be forced to close.

Hmm maybe it was then the normal camera :smile:

Sorry, I read it carefully again and found that you mean you can turn the flash on or off using the phone’s buttons.

But my phone can’t use the button to turn the flash on or off.:confounded:

It’s working :smile:

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