Exactly what is “The API is limited 5 requests per seconds”

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I dont know exactly what is “The API is limited 5 requests per seconds” my question is that " If 10 users are requesting data at same time then will they receive data or not… if yes then how many user can request data simultaneously without getting error… if no they what is the max no of user per second who can receive data which errors.

Actually I have a tournament app which show points and score after match and then all players (approx 110 user) open my app at same time to check their score…

Yesterday in mid day after updating match stats when i opened my app it was showing nothing… many users reported also that the app is showing nothing and then in evening it was working fine…

My question is will they receive data or not if 100 user simultaneously open my app and what is the user limit to request data at same time

Since Airtable is not designed to support android apps, it’s limited to 5 API call per second that is very very low (again, Airtable is not for apps, do remember this.).

So let’s discuss more about this…

What ‘5 requests per second’ mean for you?
It simply means your app could not handel more than 5 users simultaneously in every second.

What if your app try to request more than 5?
You’ll receive a 429 error code & therefore you have to wait for 30 seconds to refresh the status & to request again for another 5.

Hope it helps.

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Basically, making more than 5 requests/sec will make you actually have to wait longer to make another to Airtable.

hmmm. thanks for reply…

can i show my data in website as i show in app