Execution order

Block 1 is executed, and when it starts executing block 2 it is because all the blocks of process 1 have already been executed … or all the blocks of processes are executed at the same time regardless of whether all the sub-processes are have they executed?

or until all the blocks that process 1 contains are executed, will process block 2 not be executed?

I am right?


Yes they will be executed one by one…

That is, when it goes through process 1, until all the blocks that that process contains are executed, does it advance to process block 2?

No first it will complete the process 1

If that’s exactly what I was referring to, thank you very much.

If your query is solved pls mark solution…so that users searching for the same can refer to it

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If you want to execute them at once you can use this extension to do it asynchron.

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