Exo player deep host scale problem

hello guys , i had exo player from long time and i came up with new idea of creating a streaming app, but when i click on full screen option
it doesn’t go in full screen , it dosen’t scale the player on screen is there any fix for it ?

@Noctis_Omg , Deep host’s extensions discussion are not allowed in community here. If you really want to use that then you must ask deep host about the issue or contact him.

You will never find the solution :joy:.Because he doesn’t provide support for his extension.

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Really but this is discuss how one can’t discuss about some problems

If anything is discuss then it don’t mean that you can discuss it here. Deep host’s extension discussion are not allowed then you can’t discuss about that. And also @Noctis_Omg is facing problem in an extension then he must contact the extension developer first for help.
It may be a rule of community rule and you must follow that instead of saying that.

Ok I am not saying anything wrong I just wanted to know why it is not allowed b/r/o

Then you don’t even need to post because I already posted the reason in my post#1.

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