Exo player (video) extension not working

She has an extra slash File:///

Secondly, most of deep host extensions works only with relative path

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Video Player you forgot to add the block Video Player Start for play the video.
Add this block

She is using deep host exo player extension.It can play videos as well.

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Thanks @Mohamed_Tamer i fix my post

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this will do the work:

Try this:

or this:

@nimra_butt And please change the topic to something like this:
EXO_Player (video) extension not …

Wont this be a better choice than the need first to add the path and then remov it

What does this mean?
You suggested that yourself. To try the relative path.

I’m using this exo player on my apps. There’s no need of these extra slash

@nimra_butt OK, but let us know if it also works without file://

(I’m pretty sure).

thanks all solve it

mark solution to the post which solved the problem so that others with similar problem can find it easier

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@nimra_butt read carefully

Mark the real solution not the thanking message.

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