Exo player (video) extension not working

What is not working? You should understand that giving information is vital if you want some help.

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not working

I unlist your question until you tell what is not working. What do you see, what do you expect.

i play store video

I see you solved it yourself. I can close this.

not any help

Are you able to type a longer sentence where you explain your problem? Sentences with 3 words are to short.

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i play in mp4 store video in my phone but not play in exo play
plz help me

do u get any error? what happens when u try to play video?

You must specify if you are using an extension and which extension you are using.

try this:

I think He wad using deephost paid exo player extension

not play black screen show

i used deep host exo player v8

what about this?

not work black screen show

kodular video play but kodular player not bast

Please remove this “File://” And then try