Exoplayer I can't choose a specific part of the video in exoplayer

My exoplayer can’t choose a specific part of the video, it starts and if I exit it it starts from the beginning and I can’t choose a specific part of the video, but when I test the app on Kodular Companion it works but when I download the file It stays like this and this function doesn’t work. I’ve tried everything I can, I really appreciate anyone who can help me with this problem.

Block captures were not uploaded, edit the post and wait for them to upload

Can you help me with my problem friend? My player, when I download my app, I can’t choose a specific part of the video and when I close the player I have to watch it from 0 again

What happens when you move the time bar in the preproducer?
It doesn’t seem like you have defined blocks.
What you want is to “continue watching” or just be able to fast forward and rewind the video

I wanted to do both or go back to watching where I left off but I didn’t know how to limit up to 5 saves per person so as not to overload the database… and the and the one to go forward and backward, but I can’t do this at all. I’m a bit of a newbie in creating apps. Can you help me solve this problem? Please

My problem of not being Being able to rewind or choose a specific part of the video I tried several blocks but I couldn’t if anyone knows how I can solve this problem please help me I’ve been trying for days to solve it

If you don’t show your blocks we won’t be able to know if what you’re trying is right or wrong.
To receive help you need to provide more information.

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I don’t know anything about the blocks, I tried to create them using one but not two, very sure :slight_smile: I wanted to create the logic of being able to go back in the video and advance in the video, being able to choose a specific part of the video but I can’t, I’ve been trying for 4 days… since I can’t, that’s why I came here Ask for your help


Should I add these buttons to the screen or are they the exoplayer buttons themselves?

I tried this way because on the player screen that I use it starts the player directly without having a layout before the player, but it didn’t work I try to go back to the video or go to a specific part and It doesn’t work when I click on the bar to choose a specific part, it makes the bar disappear and it doesn’t change to the part I chose

When I click on a specific part of the video it doesn’t go. It just leaves the screen clean and doesn’t change the position of the video. Can anyone help me with this?