Exoplayer Seek To Position Doesnt Work For Playing Online Music.

Okay, I am developing an application for providing Free AudioBook which is available in the public domain and non-copyright while using. I am working on its design for 2 weeks and now my app looks like this :

The main thing of my application is Music Player. The better the music player, the better the audience will be engaged in my application.

Its been 2 days, I have been working with a music player in kodular but for me, only seek to position of exoplayer and taifun player both don’t work in loading online.

I have been searching threads for its solution but I never founded a satisfactory answer to it.

I wanted to know if there are any best methods of loading online music with great UI.

I Know many people will say me to use @Deep_Host 's Music Player Extension but I wanted to make my screen with my own design with better looks and a better user interface.

This Post Can Be Useful for every developer like me who wants to create a music player with their own way of user Interface. If you have any idea then please reply.

My Music Player Working Blocks Looks Like That :

And if you need aia then :
MusicPlayer.aia (53.8 KB)