Exoplayer seek to position

:slightly_smiling_face: >= , or <= ?

yes I did.

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i have no words left i have also made many attempts but it didn’t work

thank you very much. it is very kind of you.

is it bug that exoplayer can’t resume from a current position !!!

Maybe this extension might help you

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Thank you very much - I will try it - but my question in general is does Exoplayer seek position not resume playback instead of going back to the beginning of the file?

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Post the aia or a test aia.
It shouldn’t be a big deal to solve this problem …

My big mistake is to use the Exoplayer seek position after the pause !!!
EXOPlayer seek Position is used during the case of “is playing” !!!
Example: If playing an audio file even if it is online(audio stream), and we used exoPlayer seek position, it works correctly( try it by change the slider left or right), " it works like a charm" !!! .
Thanks to everyone who provided any help, no matter how small.

Here you can see how it should work:

Nice you got your solution :relieved::relieved:

Thank you. I appreciate your help a lot.

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thank you.

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With pleasure, but show us your solution …
(since there are already 36 posts here, others are probably also interested in your solution, if it differs from my approach).


Well, I’ll record a little video.

This is a small video clip, showing the use of Seek.Position during “the playing”. The audio file is MP3 (Audio Stream Online), and the delay when navigating the slider is acceptable.

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You only show the result, but not the solution (blocks).

See also here (videos):

So it is exaclty the same as I’ve shown in my guide (post → #33).


thank you very much.

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